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About The Service

Q. This service sounds great! How much is it?
ONLY pay what you can afford! You get a full 4-Month Membership, and you can select a donation from as high as $19.95, all the way down to just $5.95! I want EVERYONE who needs a roommate to join, so this donation structure is the best way to accomplish that.

Q. Why can't your service be free?
Hey! That's what I ask my web developer and designers, and hosting services, and advertising media! I'd love to be able to offer this service for free. However, this site has cost me personally many many thousands of dollars over the past 12 years, for development and maintenance, and constinues to cost money I don't have. I have to pay more soon to improve and upgrade the site, and in order to sufficiently advertise and promote the site, we need LOTS more cash. I'm looking for sponsors and investors, so if you know of anyone who may be interested, send them my way!

What if I can't even afford the minimum donation?
Email me to tell me your circumstance, and if $5.95 is really a hardship for you, I'll be glad to provide your membership for free.

Do you have any guarantees?
Obviously, I can't guarantee you'll find a roommate of course. However, if you sign up and there are no potential roommates in your area, I can refund your donation if you would like. Just email to let me know. Keep in mind, many people join every day, and as our ads and promotion kick in, lots more people will be joining.

How does this service work?
If you need a roommate but already have a place, fill out the 'Have a Place' form. If you need both a roommate and a place, fill out the 'Need a Place' form. Your form and payment will be processed immediately online. Then you may search our listings for a roommate that matches your desires, and contact them via member mail thru the site (or phone if provided) and you guys take it from there. It's easy! As an active member, you can come back often to do searches and check for member mail responses. You'll also be notified via your email, when another member sends you a message.

What do I get?
You get the potential to find a great roommate! You'll have access to our entire database of roommate listings, both people who have a place already, and those who need a place. You get a safe environment to do your roommate search. You'll get a free member mail keyed to your ID/username, so you'll never have to reveal your main email address.

How do I pay?
We accept Paypal payments via credit card, checks, or paypal account. Paypal is our payment processor, but YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO PAY... you can use any major credit card, or e-check.

How do I change my info?
You'll have your own profile page where you can edit your information. Most information can be changed, except for some basic information about yourself, such as age and gender. Please be accurate with these questions!

Why should I use your service rather than looking on my church's bulletin board or posting on Craigslist?
We do recommend using your church's resources, whether they have a roommate book or bulletin board. But most churches won't have the selection of people, and your options are even less if you're moving out of town. You can put an ad in the paper, but that doesn't target Christians and it's usually expensive. Do the math, and we think you can figure out why you should take advantage of ChristianRoommates.com!

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